- What gear to get and how to use it.
- How to plan, film, and edit cooking videos.
- How to post content and grow a following.
- How to make income with cooking videos.


Making cooking videos is not easy and I always get these questions:

  • What gear should I buy?¬†
  • Why don't my videos look like others I see online?
  • How should I light my videos?
  • How do I shoot and edit more efficiently?
  • How do I get more views?
  • How do I get more followers?
  • How do I get brand deals and how much should I charge?

Aloha, I'm Philip!

When I first started my YouTube channel in 2019, I couldn’t find any videos or tutorials online to help me with producing cooking videos. There was no step-by-step guide or system to follow. So I just winged it. I had ZERO subscribers and a ton of imposter syndrome because I am not a professionally trained cook. 

I applied my 12+ years of experience in video production to combat all the pain points I had with making cooking videos. 

In a little over ONE YEAR:

- I was able to go full-time as a cooking creator.
- Grew my total following to over 550K.
- 28 Million views on YouTube.
- Worked with brands like Breville, Ninja Kitchen, TRUFF, Aputure, RODE, and Sony.
- Charged over $75K for ONE single brand deal.

I created these tutorials to help streamline the entire process for producing cooking content, growing a following, and turning your passion into income.


The Cooking Creators Club! 

This will teach you:


Before we start making videos, we'll dive into the gear you should consider investing in.

  • Things to consider when picking a phone or camera.
  • What tripods and camera/phone supports to buy.
  • What microphones will get you the best audio.
  • What lights to use to get amazing looking video (it's not a ring light).¬†
  • What kitchen equipment to have to make filming easier.
  • All the other accessories to consider!¬†


Dial in all your settings to maximize the quality of your videos.

  • How to get perfect exposure and white balance.
  • Understanding frame rates, aspect ratios and slow motion.
  • Which focal length and lenses to use.
  • How to nail focus every time.
  • How to¬†frame aesthetically¬†composed shots.
  • Best apps for¬†filming with your phone and how to use them.


Planning, scheduling, and preparing for efficient stress-free content creation. 

  • Planning and scheduling.
  • Scripting and shot listings.
  • Different cooking video styles and how to film them.
  • Complete studio kitchen setup.
  • Recipe and food preparation for filming.


Step-by-step process of exactly where to place your lights and camera to capture every single shot of a cooking video. 

  • Camera and lighting angles and position for every kitchen setup.
  • Microphone placement for best cooking and talking audio.
  • Complete recipe filming process from prepping to plating.
  • Filming on camera talking parts.
  • Short form vertical recipe filming process.¬†


Full workflow from transferring, storing, editing, and exporting.

  • Video file organization and storage.
  • Efficient and fast editing workflow from start to finish.
  • Music, voice over, and ASMR audio editing.
  • Titles and captions.
  • Color correction and grading.
  • Long and short form vertical video editing.


How to effectively share your videos to grow an audience.

  • YouTube titles, thumbnails, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Repurposing content across all social platforms.
  • Short form vertical video formula.
  • Understanding your analytics to improve video performance.
  • 100% organic growth strategies.
  • NO paid ads or views.


Leverage your ability to produce professional cooking videos to make money.

  • Learn your value as a cooking creator. Hint: It‚Äôs NOT your followers.
  • Pitching to brands.
  • Navigating brand deals.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) creation.
  • Make money from your recipes.
  • Affiliate Marketing


Exclusive On-Demand Tutorials

Step-by-step lessons to plan, shoot, edit, and post professional cooking content.

New Tutorials 

New lessons will be produced and available highlighting new equipment, software, and content strategy.

Cooking Creators Discord

Access to a private community to share ideas, learn from, collaborate, and hold each other accountable.

Want a sneak peek?

Check out this intro lesson for the Production Module! 


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